Offers franchise opportunities

BATTIBALENO by Rila Style is a brand founded in 1993, with the help of the French design studio “Sasha Pasha”. Among the people responsible for the image and success of the company are are the ex Guy Laroche designer – Sophie Sitbot and Spaniard Sara Gunarson.
The materials used in our collections are extremely high quality- fabrics from Italian manufacturers of European origin and quality.

Collections by Battibaleno have successfully sold in Europe – France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Greece, also – the U.S. and Russia. In each market the brand has become a favorite because of its superior quality and innovative design.

Now BATTIBALENO offers fantastic franchise opportunities. We offer you the chance to become a partner of the well known brand and to help us expand our reach to more markets.

We have created a unique and easy to understand system BTFS – BATTIBALENO TAILORING FRANCHISE SYSTEM. The central tenet of the system is to maximize the gain by presenting real possibilities to each partner. To put it in other words “You win – we win.”

If you would like to know more we would be happy to send you our offers and proposals for collaboration.

We believe that together we will build a successful business partnership!

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