A short History of BATTIBALENO

BATTIBALENO is a multinational brand, a leader in women’s fashion for over 20 years.

For less than two decades since its Establishment in Bristol, UK. the brand BATTIBALENO has successfully imposed its style in fashion circles around Europe.

The overall design of the brand BATTIBALENO is led by French fashion studio “Sasha Pasha”. Among the people responsible for the image and success of the company are are the ex Guy Laroche designer – Sophie Sitbot and Spaniard Sara Gunarson.

From 1994 to 2006, BATTIBALENO took part in the World Expo “Pret-a-Porte Paris”, as well as in a number of fashion and textile exhibitions held in the cities of D?sseldorf, Madrid and Moscow.

The success of BATTIBALENO is largely due to its sole reliance on high quality Italian fabrics and materials. Not accidentally the multinational brand of BATTIBALENO has been recognized by the law firm “Prato y Prato” situated in Milan, Italy.

In recent years BATTIBALENO has successfully sold its Collection in the UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland and Greece. Recent inroads on the United States and Russian market have also been successful in terms of sales.

Garments wearing the name BATTIBALENO, are aimed at middle and upper class shoppers. They seek to satisfy the desires and expectations of businesswomen in three distinct criteria- classic, style as well as everyday practicality.